An independent NACE-certified coating inspector takes a collaborative approach, working with you, at the project site to inspect and test the surface and determine whether the correct preparation and application methods either are or were being used. It is vital that coatings are applied under the correct specifications, conditions, and manufacturer’s guidelines.

The inspector will use various testing methods, such as the tape test, to assess the thickness and adhesion. These tests are also used to determine whether the product is meeting performance standards and for ensuring its durability. The purpose of the inspection and testing is to rule out common coating problems like these:

  • Deficient surface preparation
  • Substandard coating application
  • Utilization of worn or damaged coatings
  • Coatings applied outside the manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Coating system incorrectly specified for the intended service

Think of a coating inspection as an insurance policy in which you have complete control. By working closely with you and developing a comprehensive understanding of your project’s specific needs and requirements, a coating inspector can provide the services necessary to mitigate unnecessary implications, ultimately protecting your financial investment.

Benefits of Hiring a Coating Inspector

Many coatings are available for different materials, such as concrete and steel, including corrosion-resistant coatings. While each product may have specific application methods, they all require adequate surface preparation, as this is one of the most critical factors for ensuring longevity. A coating inspector can identify the best protective product, surface preparation, and application method that is compatible with your project.

By recommending the best compatible coating products and processes, a coating inspector can help minimize the risk of premature or complete coating system failures, which in turn mitigates costly issues and other preventable implications to protect your financial investment. That is the most significant advantage of hiring a professional coating inspection and consulting company.

Take the First Step Towards Protecting Your Investment

An Arizona-based, veteran-owned NACE-certified coating inspection and consulting company, RFI Consultants provides commercial and industrial coating inspections throughout the greater Phoenix metro area. Our services are designed to help prevent premature or catastrophic coating failures and, therefore, any potential implications. For more information about RFI Consultant’s coating inspection and consulting services, or to inquire about our coating training courses, please contact us at (480) 560-7182.