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Educational Course Presentations

Trust But Verify

Do you want to protect the financial investment of your construction project? Our real world Quality Control/ Quality Assurance Programs can be that security in protecting you firm and the clients your represent.

Basics of Paint

Have you ever wondered what goes into a gallon of paint or how does it work and protect? Then it is time to get greater understanding by doing a comprehensive study in the basics of paint and the various types of coatings used throughout the industry.

Surface Preparation Standards and Methods

Obtain a greater understanding and respect for proper surface preparation methods and their standards. Surface preparation is one of the most important components of a successful long-term coating system. However, this simple yet critical function is commonly misunderstood and by passed resulting in numerous premature coating system failures.

Understanding Corrosion and Its Economic Impact

Paint is used primarily to change a surface decorative appearance. While protective coatings will not only decorate but their main intent is to protect.

Therefore, in order to treat this serious problem you should have the basic understanding of corrosion, the effects of corrosion in different service environments and the economic impact associated with this ever increasing problem.

Understanding Coating Defects and Failures

Many coating defects and failures are preventable and when not dealt with correctly they can be very time consuming and costly to fix! So, let’s be proactive and learn how to recognize the various causes for coating defects/failures and the subsequent preventive measures.

Coating Selection (Pros and Cons)

Ever have those jobs where the paint or coating system being used on your project was causing your head to explode and antacid was now your best friend?

Then it’s time to gain a greater perspective on the pros and cons.of all the various types of coatings being manufactured for your use in today’s real world environments.

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