Building Phase Services


Now that you have solid protective coating or commercial painting system specification that fits your particular project scope of work. The next very important step is to make sure that the protective coatings or commercial painting system is applied in conformance with that written specification. Because, even a perfect protective coating or commerical painting specification can not deliver its intended benefits if it’s not followed. Remember the very important phrase “TRUST BUT VERIFY!!”

Coating Consultations

Many projects have problems that arise unexpectedly. Unfortunately, the projects production schedule must be maintained, so time is always of the essence. By utilizing our knowledge of coating technologies and over 42 years of combined real world field experience, we can help solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Independent Third Party Coatings Inspection

(Quality Control & Assurance)
As coating inspectors our job is to be a part of a total team effort to insure compliance of the project coatings specification. This requires that we accurately and objectively document and report our results of all inspection observations and testing.

RFI Consultant LLC, coating inspectors only work within the authority given us and NEVER go beyond our authority and/or expertise.


Protective Coating/Paint System Assessment

Unnecessary coating problems always seem to make their way to most projects. In many cases these problems present themselves on items that have been coated and delivered to a project. While many different problems commonly appear the two most common problems are inadequately prepared substrates or the use of the wrong coating.

While these problems are troublesome they can be overcome. To do so a through coating system assessment must be completed. Our service accurately and objectively investigates, analyzes and documents your problem. Once completed a comprehensive report is provided to identify any problems and provide solutions for corrective action.