Welcome to rficonsultants.net, the official website of RFI Consultants, LLC. This website provides for a more customer-focused experience so that you can quickly find information about our inspection services and certified coating inspectors.

We are also proud to announce our new blog. The blog will be continually updated with industry insights, featured services, and helpful tips on industrial and architectural coatings.

You can also visit our ‘ask the expert‘ page for advice. There you can email questions, comments, or ideas to our certified coating inspectors.

Our company is a veteran-owned business based in Phoenix, Arizona, operating as an independent NACE International Certified Coatings Inspection and Coatings Consulting Company.

RFI Consultants is committed to providing excellence as independent certified coating inspectors and consultants in both the industrial and architectural coatings spectrum. Our company provides inspection services to minimize the risk of premature or catastrophic coating failures.

Some of the most common coating problems are as follows:

  • Coating system that is incorrectly specified for the intended service.
  • Utilization of old or damaged coatings.
  • Coatings applied outside the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Poor surface preparation or inadequate application.

Coating system failures, regardless of the severity, are concerning and can have far-reaching complications. Being proactive by investing in a certified coating inspector’s services is essential for protecting you and your project. Our company offers all services at a fair price. 

RFI Consultants has over 150 years of combined real-world experience. That provides a strong foundation, securely built on extensive technical coatings knowledge, and getting our hands dirty in the real world of surface preparation and application of industrial and commercial coatings.

We continually review the most recent coatings related research and training to serve our clients better. RFI Consultants’ employees work each day on the acronym CARE – Clarity, Accountability, Resourcefulness, and Experience – ensuring nothing is taken for granted.

We assess each project based on its unique performance and service requirements to exceed the long-term performance and protection goals and our client’s financial investment.

RFI Consultants possess both concrete and steel substrate expertise. Our job diversity allows us to work on chemical storage, potable water storage, water and wastewater treatment environments, secondary containment, sanitary maintenance holes, and many other areas.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.