Our company is built to provide excellent coating inspections and consultations in both the industrial and architectural coatings spectrum to include high-performance flooring, secondary containment, and much more.

By providing these services, we can minimize the risk of premature or complete coating system failures. Whether extensive or minor, coating system failures can cause far-reaching implications not limited to financial impacts.

Here are three featured services to consider.

Independent Coating Consultations

Varying industries, environments, and surfaces require different types of coatings and application processes. With over 150 years of combined real-world experience, our NACE-certified experts can consult with you, ensuring coating performance and durability. We can help you determine the correct coating type, surface preparation, and application method for your specific project.

Independent Certified Coating Inspections

Your best defense against unnecessary implications such as legal actions, strained or dissolved client relationships, service disruption, and community outrage is hiring an independent NACE-certified coating inspector. Think of our services like an insurance policy in which you have complete control. Our certified inspectors have experience with both concrete and steel substrates in a variety of markets.

Training and Development Course Presentations

Anyone looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of the ever changing world of commercial and industrial coatings should consider a training and development course. Courses offered include basics of paint, surface preparation standards and methods, understanding corrosion and its economic impact, understanding coating defects and failures, selecting the correct coating for your project.

Contact RFI Consultants for More Information

RFI Consultants LLC is an Arizona-based, veteran-owned small business operating as an independent NACE-certified coating inspection and consulting company.

Our company exists to provide coating inspections to minimize the risk of premature or catastrophic coatings failures. These coverings must be applied to commercial and industrial surfaces under the correct specification, conditions, and manufacturer’s guidelines. Some of the industries of focus for RFI Consultants include:

  • Pipelines
  • Infrastructure
  • Sports stadiums
  • Parking structures
  • Commercial buildings
  • Manufacturing plant
  • Food and beverage plants
  • Wastewater treatment facilities

For more information about our coating inspection and consulting services, please contact us at (480) 560-7182. You can contact us using our Ask the Expert page.