Warranty / Beyond Phase Services

Coating Consultations

If your protective coating or paint system is beginning to show signs of problems or you already have a coatings related failure? RFI Consultants is the company you need in your corner. Our knowledge of todays coating technologies, testing and real world field experience provides the resources you need to help solve your problems.

Protective Coating / Paint System Failure Analysis

Protective coatings or paint system failures are the result of many different things. Some of these causes are the result of poor coatings or paint specifications, inadequate surface preparation, poor application, poor design of structure, poor maintenance, or maybe the coating system just wore out?

Our service will accurately and objectively investigate, analyze and document your problem. Once completed a comprehensive report will be provided outlining our findings and how best to solve the problem.

Expert Witness

We believe problems can be solved without involving the judicial system. However, there are times when litigation is the only way to bring things to a final resolution.

RFI Consultants LLC can provide assistance pertaining to the protective coatings or paint related field.