Design/Planning Phase Services

The first step in providing a top quality project is to make sure its design and detailed planning is completely solid! Our comprehensive services works with you from design to submittal review, in order to provide the right protective coating or commercial painting system to meet your project needs and expectations.

RFI Consultants LLC does not represent any coating manufacturing company or particular products. Our sole focus is to our clients, their projects and their long term success.

Coating Consultations

Utilizing our knowledge of coating technologies and over 42 years of combined real world field experience, we provide our clients with the correct coating system recommendations to fit their project expectations and budgets.

Protective Coating/Paint System Survey and Assessment

In numerous cases the exact coating or paint specification used on your building, parking garage, processing or manufacturing plants are not available. However, even if you have that particular project specification, are you sure really that the specification was done to full compliance i.e. surface preparation, coatings application etc? Therefore, in order to provide our clients with the best possible service, a clear understanding of the facts must be obtained.

Our general coating/paint system assessment service provides the information for you need to use on present or future projects.

This service utilizes the latest test methods and equipment for all our field and laboratory work. We will accurately and objectively investigate, analyze and document all our work. Once completed, a comprehensive report will be provided outlining our findings and any needed corrective action.

In order to provide a quality protective coating or paint system design no stone can be left unturned. Everything has to be taking into account such as, service environment, long term protection and performance requirements, aesthetics, budgets and so much more. Afterwards, a complete protective coating or paint system recommendation will be provided that fits your needs.

Specification Writing and Review

Say goodbye to your old company boiler plate protective coating/painting specifications. No more worrying about if the protective coatings or paint you always used is still exists or if it does is it environmentally compliant. RFI Consultants LLC can do that work for you.

All of you are experts in your profession, be it Engineer, Architect, General Contractor and so on. Our field of expertise is in the protective/specialty coatings and painting field. By staying informed on the latest coating technologies, surface preparation methods and test methods, we can create detailed and comprehensive protective coatings or paint system specification to fit your particular project scope of work.